You asked the question regarding why Weinstein wasn't more financially and energy efficient in his pursuit of his "addiction"....the quick answer is that is not at all how "sex addiction works. The addiction would actually exist in all the nuances of how the addict obtains his "fix". No addiction is alike and this one is categorized as more of a process addiction. For instance...substance addiction (beer + ingesting it = desired or addictive effect)....process addiction (casino + engaging gambling = desired or addictive effect). If you go to a website of "sex addicts" trying to find help you will find out that for some it's escorts, for some it's porn, for others it involves massage, groping, serial affairs etc...etc....etc.........Patrick Carnes has also categorized it in levels according the legal and injurous effects it has on others.....with the most advanced stages involving rape, molestations, etc....anyway, hopefuly you were asking the question openly and not rhetorically otherwise I just typed out a whole lot of nothing... ;-)

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