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There's not enough info to say he isn't addicted to sex. He was a powerful movie mogul with enough cash, political power and influence to get away with it for years.

Yes, but then why try to get sex in such a risky and totally inept way? His approach sounds like the opposite of a smooth seduction. Even a regular guy in a decent professional job would have the money to hire very attractive escorts every weekend, and they'd all be guaranteed to give you sex. Why risk it the way he did, especially after he surely knew of the Cosby debacle, etc.? Just the concept of "being addicted to sex" doesn't NOT explain it, period. There's more, obviously. Why be so inept at getting sex, which even a regular guy in the street doesn't have that much trouble getting these days?


It also should be pointed out that many were aware of this and said nothing. I do not wish to blame victims

Well, in fact you pretty much are blaming the victims here. As you must well know, unless you're an idiot, many of them did speak up. The problem is, you don't know about it because Weinstein shut down all the avenues such as the newspapers, TV, and intimidated others who they told, and besides, without knowing that others had had the same experience, there is not even a pattern that is "provable" and all you're left with is a "he said she said". And if you didn't get the part, which you very well may not have if you rebuffed Weinstein, even unrelated people would conclude that you're just making it up as retaliation for not getting the part.


However, many could have said I'm not signing up for this and I'm speaking out. Being a victim doesn't mean you won't victimize others.

You really sound a bit clueless. Have you even read the accounts from some of the now 30 women? They pretty much all rebuffed his advances. And many did speak out and told their friends. Don't you understand that many of these women didn't sign up for the task of having to risk their reputations speak out and being labeled "sore losers"??? It wasn't their fault that they were put in this situation, and I think that's perfectly understandable. So you are in fact very much blaming the victims to insist that they were negligent in not doing more. Though, obviously, you can't stop a guy like Weinstein unless a lot of women put their careers at risk, and along the way until people become convinced, many of those women will indeed have their careers hurt and even ruined by speaking out until people are convinced they're not the problem.

Look at the woman who says recently she was raped. She reported it to the top of Amazon, and said they have crap going on in their movie unit. The response from the top of Amazon was she couldn't prove it.

So what do you do with that? Please explain, since you so clearly don't think they didn't speak up.

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