Anonymous wrote:

It is how he states that sex addiction is not real.

And if you read that, it makes sense. I can understand your point if you're trying to rigidly hang on to the term "sex addiction", which of course has political and financial consequences in therapists' codes for billing, the DSM, etc. But it's just a label and an argument about that label means NOTHING otherwise without a context of what you mean. As stupid as two people arguing about what "duck" means, the verb or the bird?


I would use the same words about you. Prejudiced, judgmental, made up your mind before you read anything.

Actually I read everything, and once again you're judging, a second time. Anybody that disagrees with you is judgmental because they're wrong. You, however, are not judgmental because you're "right". Have I got that? So yeah, in this case, you could say I'm judgmental, by the same reasoning.


I have read Patrick Carnes,

And so have I.


And let me tell you something, nitwit. Withdrawal is real. Anxiety, heart racing, depression, suicidal thoughts are common. There is a very real, physical, mental and emotional response that many addicts feel. Get a f-ing clue before you get up on your big soapbox with your tiny mind.

And what part of that does the author deny? Your inclusion of epithets actually takes away from your credibility. Just provide actual insight, if you can.

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