Interesting article - wow does that ever hit home. I managed to ruin a career, and thwart any chance of a love-life. All because of low self-esteem. It would happen time and time again, I'd come to the point of success and, like a voice in my head would say no, that's life changing opportunity is not for me, that position in a well known, high paid band, I'd been rehearsing with is getting too close to being a success, I'll toss into a dumpster to assure I never set foot on the stage. And she is too attractive, too smart for me, she is for someone else of a higher caliber. I died of a thousand broken hearts - and lament the life that never was, the fond memories of none and the loss of an entire lifetime. Fear, guilt, low self-esteem - all "soul killers" and instruments of self-sabotage!