Jim Jones the cult leader of The people's temple was a big ban and admirer of Adolf Hitler. In fact during his child hood he would pretend to be Hitler. Kids who wanted to come into his playhouse [family barn] had to use the code word "Heil Hitler" to be let in.

Jones was also a book worm who read a ton of books about the nazis, Hitler, and past cults. Books about how to brainwash people.

Jones even went so far as to go meet up with a cult leader and ask him about his tactics.

Jones was obviously influenced by Hitler and this other cult leader. He used psychology books as a blueprint.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. I hear all the time from the "no notoriety movement." "oh don't say their name" as though simply stating their name is an issue. Not the sensationalist 24/news cycle and the fact that they are put onto the covers of People magazine and other celebrity magazines, etc. They muddy the waters and equate FACT and sensationalism.

What is totally ignored is....who did Eric and Dylan admire? Well in the basement takes they made fun of past school shooters. Saying "they only killed 2 or 3 people." and who did they admire and glorify? Adolf Hitler. Hitler represented power and destruction to them.

This is why I always ask people who want to complain and push the "no notoriety movement." denialism, "What about Adolf Hitler? Should we not publish and ban Mein Kampf? Should we totally forget Hitler existed?"

I believe we SHOULD remember Hitler. We SHOULD remember Ted Bundy. We SHOULD remember John Wayne gacy, Adam Lanza, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, Robert Berdella, Mack Ray Edwards, Elliot Rodgers, Richard Rimarez, etc.

What does the word "notoriety" mean?
The best definition is
"the state of being famous or well known for some bad quality or deed."

That 100% includes Adolf Hitler. YET no one ever complains about it. No one ever talks about how "awful" this is.

I have made this argument repeatedly to people "what about Adolf Hitler?" and I've never gotten an answer because if they said "yeah, we shouldnt remember Hitler." they would get a ton of flak for it and have to realize how their "no notoriety" sentiment is baseless.

Also...this is very much like video games.
"he was in his room playing video games."
He's a loner....what else are they gonna be doing?

Ronald Gene Simmons locked him self in his room for months only leaving to use the bathroom and what did he do in his bed room?
Ate candy, read "how to books" about building stuff, looked at his files [he was in the army] and masturbating....What else was he suppose to be doing?

Who are they suppose to admire?

Well...Gacy did admire Abraham Lincoln.

I am not responding to Mr.Ramsland by the way.
Just the cultural aspect to this whole thing.

The most sad thing about this is the fact that true crime authors and journalist like Dave Cullen are now censoring their books to an absurd degree. I am sick and tired of reading "The shooter" in books and articles.

Yet in the credits/footnotes they list an article with the killer's name right in the sentence.

I've actually seen Dave Cullen being reduced to tears because of these "no notoriety" people. Repenting about writing a true crime book about Columbine.