A friend just linked me to this, after I posted something to Facebook. About a month ago, I cut drastically back on carbs. I'm not officially doing keto (had fries with dinner tonight, for example), but have virtually eliminated grains and sugar (eliminated added sugar, and drastically reduced intake of naturally occurring sugars), and have greatly reduced my consumption of root vegetables. My primary motivation was the hope that I could clear some of the brain fog that has been increasingly afflicting me for years. A month in, and I'm again able to walk/hike without pain, my joint pain is gone, except for one knee, my brain fog is almost completely gone, *and* the suicidal thoughts that have been present for about 35 years, to varying degrees (background noise in good times, invasive and persuasive in bad ones) are *gone*. I wasn't expecting it, but I sure won't complain!

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