Dear anonymous mom,

I am so glad that you think this article might help your son. I have come to the conclusion that meat, seafood and/or poultry are critical to optimal brain health, unfortunately, and that certain plant foods interfere with the brain's ability to obtain the vital nutrients it needs to operate at its best. Links are not allowed in this comments section, but my article about this is called "Your Brain on Plants: Micronutrients and Mental Health." If you are curious to read, it is on my website diagnosisdiet.

Also, regardless of whether your son eats a plant-based or meat-based diet, the most powerful way to combat the weight gain associated with psychiatric medications is to eat a low-carb diet. Carbohydrates (particularly refined carbs like sugar, flour, fruit juice, cereals, etc) raise insulin levels, which turn fat-burning OFF and turn fat storage ON. Many doctors advise a plant-based diet for weight loss, but the studies they are basing that advice on all removed refined carb from the diet as well, so the weight loss was most likely due to the removal of refined carbs and other processed foods, not the removal of animal foods.

I hope you and your son notice improvement with dietary changes! How wonderful that you are open to trying different approaches to see what works best for him.

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