No one is making an equivalency so your assertion that he is making a false equivalence is a strawman. Men are the majority victims of violence, they are twice as likely to be the victim of a violent crime walking down the street then females are, they receive 60% longer prison sentences for committing the same crime a female does, there are more homeless men then women, men are about half the victims of domestic violence but there are thousands of battered womens shelters and only one battered mens shelter in the US. Men have less legal rights in the US then women do, men cannot vote or get a federal loan without signing up for selective service but women can, it is illegal to mutilated the genitals of a girl as an infant but it is legal to mutilate little boys even though boys die in the U.S from circumcision every year and there is no known medical benefit. Considering that men have less rights then women receive less government services for there tax money, are systemically oppressed in the criminal justice system and the education system, and are overwhelmingly the primary victims of violence and kill themselves more often I would say it is considerably worse for men then it is for women.