Thank you for bringing logic and sanity into this. The author and the comments are fraught with disingenuous nonsense.

It's up to men themselves to rally together and work for the changes they need, and not at the expense of women -- which is exactly what the author is doing when he goes to conferences about women's issues to stand up and say "but what about the men?"

Does the author not realise how horrifying that is? How it completely smacks of a petulant child whinging because he didn't get a biscuit for being a man? I have no doubt that the author's *intention* was not that. I have no doubt his intentions were good. But bringing up his anxiety about men's issues during discussions directed towards women's issues is not appropriate and, as you say, that is why he was met with stunned silence or outright disdain.

Women fought tooth and nail for every bit of rights we have -- voting, owning property, having a job, birth control, abortion rights, marriage rights, higher education, holding positions of power etc. That fight still goes on, though it evolves as society and culture does. Women did not fight for rights to exist as a human being at the expense of men, rather, it was to be equal to them in status, in income, in power and in rights.

If men are falling behind now in education, in jobs, in self-esteem, that is a serious issue and it deserves serious attention. Men need to rally together to help each other, to support and lift each other up and create their own spaces to discuss these issues because hijacking women's issues is not the way to get anything done.