You've allowed your world view which divides the world into capitalism vs non-capitalistic economic systems to colour your vision. If I adopt this world view I can see how you might come to this conclusion. However capitalism is just a way of transmitting supply and demand messages across a community of billions of producers and consumers. It is not possible to do this centrally. All attempts to date have failed.

The effects which you attribute to capitalism might have more to do with human nature, both you and myself, than with capitalism itself. These faults are spoken of as far back as Shakespeare, Biblical stories and even earlier Mesopotamian myths.

The real question is how do we solve this, and further more whether we really want to.

Perhaps dark triad behaviours have their place. Not as the main dish, but as a little salt or pepper.

Many people who exhibited the dark triad drive change forwards. While I don't exhibit the dark triad neither will I build companies like Apple. Steve Jobs for example exhibited some dark triad qualities.