Sadly I encountered this kind of person and he asked me to a date nearly half a year ago. We dated the summer. Knows flattery, small talk, is easygoing, lied his age..superfically charming at dates. Business owner in field of plastic surgery. He said waiters are his servants (machiavellism), felt nothing when once I saw him hitting on somw other womat at a bar (I didn't like it)..said it was only some random (psychopathy), asked me to be secretary and ceo in his firm (later on said I was too intelligent to work there - I'm an academic woman - so only attention seeking and using his charm to get my focus), to go America with him, thought only his decisions in his firm and not what is right for co-workers (narcissism). Clearly a "white collar psychopath". And when I asked of a relationship he said: "I can not commit". And before me there was one lady (many others also I guess) who he just left when it got a bit more serious. His kids he has done with two different moms..the latest just bacause the woman wanted a baby. So he "helped" him to have it..not any intention to be a proper and business first. Psychopaths can not form deep meaningful relationships. They often use people only to their needs in short for sex and to get their way. And then they get bored ans switch for another did to me..And I guess there's another "victim" to be played with. They don't feel deep and empathetic way at all. His business is growing in many cities now and most people won't notice these "dark triad" traits due to his superficial charm, somewhat friendliness at first and social traits psychopaths may have (talkative and charming in any situation). He even asked me once do I think is he sick? I didn't answer then "Yeah", but now I defenitely would when I realised these DT signs. I warn you people..psychos do a lot of damage due to their lack of empathy..because their prefrontal cortex don't know or include emotional skills..or what is moral or ethical. He even said to that he doesn't feel or know what is right and what is wrong. Normal persons have the gut feeling. I really hope this helps someone. Nearly all one can do is avoid these kinds of persons and mainly not to work for them. Check the backgrounds and if the person has no past.. be aware.