[By the time you identify the charming sociopath, it may already be too late.]
I am seeing correctly. The link I clicked to read this article actually read something to the effect of: "an invisible sociopath may be living in your home". The title when I arrived is The Invisible Psycopath, with the above "copy & pasted" quote. Problem is that a psycopath and a sociopath are, however simalar, NOT the same disorder.
Just thought I would pass that along.
The use of over genralization is something WE should strongly think about changing. Vocabulary such as everyone, always, forever, never, should be saved for childrens stories, they are fanciful words belonging only in a fairytale. Nothing is forver, or always, for in fact life itself is only temporary, the only things that have "never" happened are the things you haven't opened your mind to see. There is, you know, a first time for everything!
That is not to say that I did not enjoy reading the article. I did very much. It was insightfully written. I do hope you may try to be a little more impartial in other articles, so we can get all of the information that may be availble. On both sides of the fence, there are ussually, two sides to every story, maybe three or four.

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