I wish there was another dispassionate/technical term for "paganism" (non conventional/institutional belief systems). The religionists have so hijacked that term that most people immediately equate it with satan worship, which is quite wrong. The (institutional) religionists have said "our way is right and everything else is wrong" and thus we have meaningless terms like pagan, heathen, sinner, witch, alchemist etc. Many of the very early "christian" churches/sects had many "pagan" beliefs and rites. There is no big fat line in the sand where one side is "right" and the other is "pagan". These are all just distinctions without differences. Science would say that any belief in "supernatural powers" is delusional, so it would lump all of them; "christians", "pagans" and whatnot into the "crazy" basket. But "science" is just another belief system. If you _believe_ it then it is *truth* for you and holds power over you (until you realize that you are *not* your beliefs). We need to transcend all this rubbish and finally begin to understand that "truth is simply agreed upon fiction". In the final analysis all are equally right and equally wrong. Evolution is all about pushing the boundaries, and who says that one type of "amory" is better than any other? What was once considered magic has been shown to be natural phenomena by science. We are not at the stage where science can say anything about any of these metaphysical phenomena outside the conventional world view. Maybe in time science will also show that these things do exist in one form or another and are also natural phenomena. So I dislike terms like paganism, polyamory etc as they have so much cultural baggage associated with them as to render them virtually meaningless, if not completely erroneous and misdirecting/disinformational. As an example, the term "ecstasy" (as regards to religious exaltation) is virtually useless. The American Indians had a much better term: "Second Attention". "First Attention" was our normal day to day experience of reality and "Second Attention" is where we move (much like out of body experience) to a different place which is just as real. This is a much better technical term without all the baggage of those religiously corrupted terms that we currently use. The current terms we use seem to demand explanation/justification from those that they are directed at: such as "gay". Why is it that "heteros" should not have to justify why they are opposite-sex-attracted and why should conventional institutional religionists not have to explain why they condone hatred, persecution and "rogering" of altar boys? This is a case of where words, names and definitions are creating anti-knowledge and enforcing an "us and them" disinformational ethos. We need some dispassionate (maybe Latin or Greek) technical terms without all the emotional and religious baggage before a proper discussion can be had.

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