As an adult, I think that we don't fully know what our children and teenagers are being exposed to in school or wherever else they go to.
Kids can be mean and we know it. For we, I mean we the adults. We've been there, as the ones who played "the harmless jokes", or the ones who were shamelessly embarrassed.
What I do believe now, is that our kids and teenagers are more fragile and keen to suffer more and more silently. And at their age, what to us is not a big of a deal, to them can be the end of the world. Or their world falling apart.
I believe that the show was out to make us aware, aware to the signs that our kids are in trouble and need help. Even before they come to us to cry for it. It is important to pay attention to our kids, and most adults don't do this actually.
The show is important to picture what our kids can be facing and we don't even imagine. We all know that can be a reality. An ugly, sad, traumatizing, reality.

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