Yes! If I wanted to be a babysitter, I would have become one. I believe if we put additional money into education young people, many others problems, such as not enough prison cell space, will not be as big a problem. In my own humble opinion I think it is our job to give a broad education (and we do try to make it as entertaining as possible) in order to prepare our children to be successful not only for themselves but also for their communities. I don't see it as being the same for all kids. Some may enjoy technical fields and others highly academic. Either should be respected. I believe schools should be a time for children to practice "being an adult," learning to handle their own needs and problems away from their parents. I think parents are wonderful, so much in fact I am one. However, as parents we are overly concerned with our children not feeling good or having fun. In life there are many times we must do things we do not wish to do. How do we teach kids to deal with these things if we don't allow them to experience them?

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