very gud u have explain this. thanks for it.I also feel the same that this is the best solution too. Can u help me in finding other problem solution.
i have a problem with my wife. she get angry and very depress.
In her child hood (they were from rich family ) her father was a drunken guy who beats his wife and died very early but her grand mother was very old style and anti women kind so she harass my wife and her sister and praises her big sister and brother. which effect her mind so badly... now than she married to me.. she expect that she will marry a guy who will b rich living alone no family tension and she will enjoy.. but i m not that much financially able to go other city for live and than she start blaming herself and abusing others on their weakness and it cause very bad environment and negative energy nearby. i hope u understand what i m saying .. i m in trouble... please tell me any way... i will definitely try your ways if socially. i cant divorce her because if i will do than she will be alone and my daughter future will affect.

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