im only a teen no older then 17 and over the last year or so i been in a deep depression because my parents had seperated and been divorced ever since. they constantly used cruel tactics such as lying about the other in court for custody over us. it wasn't until a few months ago when my dad got involved into a different relationship and i immediately noticed the positive difference in him he's going to church, back to school, and all kinds of other things he felt he was being held back from in his previous relationship. i had the hardest time adjusting to not seeing my brothers again and my mom saying that im not her son, she literally abandoned me and with my depression i had had a hard time talking to people so i usually isolated myself from the world. this put a big hinder on my social life and relationship with my dad, we would always pump heads over little things and i would accuse him of not understanding how i feel.... it wasn't until recently that i was able to break out of my depression and life was better then great it seemed almost magical. but lately my dad has been overly pushing himself with work to do and its causing him to stress out, putting everyone else in bad moods. tonight my dad and his fiancee started to fight over what kind of work is meant for men. see his fiancee is an electrician and idk ig he just felt he had to defend his manhood and lashed out yelling at her. i bursted out in tears took the kids upstairs told them it was going to be ok but idk its just that this is the third person to be a motherly figure to me and i cant handle loosing it, but even more i fear for the kids their only 4 and 6 and they finally get to have a real fatherly figure and a big brother to guide them. i need a solution to cope with this. suggestions?

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