These authors must live in an imaginary world. From a
gender perspective, they're incredibly "well adjusted" ......
Decades of research have confirmed what "many of us"
thought all along: Married people are healthier, happier, and
live longer than people who are divorced.

It’s easy to see the health benefits of marriage.
Makes one wonder just whom "many of us" might be.
Motives anyone? N.W.O. schills or perhaps patriarchal pets
ghost writing for the pew.

To summarize the "happily ever after" "scientists" thesis

A) marriage = longevity, health, happiness - in fact
B) marriage = "happily ever after" (see last sentence)
C) single = sleep diet and fitness deficits, substance abuse
D) divorce = excuse for same
E) resilience/bounce back = "back in the game" ... "NEXT"
F) remarry = new lease on life
G) remarry = "happily ever after"(note same as marriage #1)
H) don't remarry = poor health, shortened life
I) single/divorced = loneliness
J) "terminally" divorced = die early
K) divorce = poor health, early death
L) divorce = "It's true" health problems, lower life expectancy

Apparently "educated to oblivion" these two are loath to
acknowledge the burgeoning demographic of a higher order which has somehow managed to wriggle itself free of
its gender constraints in favor of health and happiness. With
alternate means of fulfillment, this demography (happily
divorced and happily never married) spanning all ages,
prefers solitude.