To me, there seems to be only one feasible method: I've forgiven the person who hurt me AND, at the same time, they will never get back to the same intimate circle of my beloved ones they once belonged to. I'm not afraid they will hurt me again because by doing my (not due) share of suffering because of their wrongdoing, I've become emotionally detached from them. Trust was granted too soon on my side. Healthy distance should be maintained from now on. THIS is how I'm going to fix it, not by taking (theoretical) revenge (=letting my aggressive instincts free). The thing is, it is exhausting to see the person thrive and to see that they have no sense of guilt whatsoever (= life is not fair). It is painful to see that your friends/family members are not moved by your pain as much as you assume they should be. Still, all these happenings and reactions show one thing: that such an event is a part of life and your strength becomes obvious when you are ready NOT to grant it significance any more. Yes, it happened - and it is not worth dealing with any more. :-)