Hey Ryan,

The studies findings definitely correlate with how I and others I know acted around men (even women who are tied in it) as well. I daresay something else that contributes to it is low/average IQ. Many women I know, know this game, feed men compliments that boost their feeling of masculinity to make them more cooperative. Personally, I keep this all in mind when I look for a partner actually. Many more women my age (20s-30s) are liking men more with a calm, "give zero fucks" attitude because they tend to be less affected by these things, no one has to tiptoe around in fear of accidentally offending some dudes masculinity, also they are more fun cause now we can do a lot more activities that a 'very masculine' guy might avoid out of de-masculinizing phobia. Funny enough, it's actually pretty unmanly : /

It's totally asinine to let little things put one's underwear in a bunch so to speak. I realize masculinity is a hard box to get out of though, it's anxiety is as ingrained in men from birth as is women's beauty for females.

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