However, sometimes I have a double vodka along with my Guinness. If you go to my article on alcohol being good for you at The Influence -- there's an advert from the Guinness company to that effect -- I believe the editor -- also a certified (by me) moderate drinker told me his mother, per instruction, drank Guinness while he was breastfeeding.

It's not so much that I'm allergic to alcohol -- I'm cheap! My local bar charges $3.50 for a Guinness or a well drink, so I have a vodka and seltzer with lime and grenadine (and sometimes the tender, taking pity on a senior citizen like me, gives me the double for the one price! -- do I qualify as an alcoholic yet?). I never stay later than 6:00. My rule of thumb to people is that if they leave whatever they're doing by midnight, they're safe. (A 30-something I know said, "Make that 2 am.") For senior citizens, I just reduce it to 6:00 pm -- or whenever happy hour ends!

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