but my writing this piece isn't to say, "look, drink more." I am writing to say, "look how everyone is saying 'don't drink' like it's a universal truth, when in fact their problem/way of thinking is true on their own little island and they are now generalizing to humanity (a very common tendency for the human species, Americans, people with problems)." DeVore and the earlier writer (whose post I couldn't find) couldn't mention a single positive drinking experience they had ever observed -- you know, like toasting at a wedding, friends having dinner over wine, a Jewish family putting wine on a newborn's lips at a briss. I know that people drink too much -- I write about addiction. The fact that DeVore and the other writer don't have the confidence in the reader (in their own thinking reality) to discuss both realities means they need to retire from any claims of being objective arbiters.

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