Historical/intergenerational trauma. My family originates in alaska and were subject to very traumatic events. Genocide, slavery, assimilation, etc. All my aunts, half my uncles, and nearly all of my 9 female cousin's were raped either by own family or they catholic churches. Thw result was generations who do not know how to love. This affected me throughout my life and only when I suffered 4 very close family deaths by violence, drugs, cancer, and suicide did I finally go to see a therapist. Cptsd. Working through it is excruciating but I need to be healthy foe myself and my little baby boy. Did they emdr psychotherapy and that hasn't worked the best but I'm noticing they ifs therapy and mostly definitely they trauma onformed yoga are helping. I can't seem to meditate so thats been frustrating as I heard its healthy. Idk why I'm saying all of this but they article gives me hope