Thanks for this information Jen. It explains a lot to me.
I've mostly beaten a complex and historic PTSD issue, having discovered that was the rationale behind my irrationality and weird behaviour for over 60 years.
With no memory to access the event which occurred when I was a toddler, that was the issue which most obviously deflected me down a road less travelled.
The facts which emerged from an elder in a kind of slip betwixt cup and lip were taken to a therapist, alas not a trauma specialist, which meant the real context was missed but fortunately, by accident, my own efforts to deal with the vertigo issue reduced the power of the fear generator within me to the point that I managed to reach some sort of intellectual resume of the facts which pointed to the possibility of an NDE.
With far less fear stress to deal with on a daily basis, I have managed to recoup a lot of what I assume is my real character set, something far different from that which I had displayed for so long.
It would of course have been a much quicker solution had I the means to employ the right therapist, but nevertheless I gleaned much from the web in terms of CBT, NLP and TA..
There wasn't a particular percentage mix of these, and in fact I believe that its a rather personalised cocktail of trail and error thinking to deal with specific issues.
I am well past 70 now, and feel very positive, though I'm aware I'm way behind my peer age group in terms of emotional development, and at last you have explained the whys in your article.
That said, there is some advantage in realising I'm going to continue being an eternal student and trying to improve, rather than waiting fearfully for the big sleep.
No more bad tempered child of a lesser god then. unless someone nicks my teddy