There seems to be much suffering, and we do suffer. It takes an enormous amount of energy(enough to light up a street) to be "as normal as possible" especially in the workplace, in life itself. We all have triggers to unresolved trauma that we drag in the bag behind us wherever we go. It is most difficult to look at, to feel, to manage, to admit even to ourselves let alone others. Finding the right person is so important to share with. Self care is also vital. We need to express it, paint it, say it out loud, write it out whether a story, a letter, a poem, a painting or drawing. It takes more energy to push it down than to let it out but allowing it to be free will double us over, it is scary, it is powerful, it is painful but the only way to empower ourselves. We can teach ourselves again, how to respond, how to react, we can choose, in whatever way is best for us and there are many ways. Trauma changes you, it can control you for years and the inner wound will remain until we heal it. Just when we think we have resolved it another trauma brings up the residue the remaining piece we had failed to clear. A circle laced with inner turmoil and we just have to undo the laces one by one.
I hear the pain of others and I understand for I know it too.