Thank you Jennifer for providing access to these tool.

Linked to the MNRI approach, I have found seeing a Hakomi therapist the best decision I made to begin to heal from PTSD developed in my childhood. The link between our emotional traumas and how they manifest in our body's physical reactions has been eye opening. The practice also primarily uses mindfulness to nurture and "retune" parts of the brain to operate in an emotionally healthier way through e.g. returning to a past traumatic event/memory to support and care for the child self at that time, but as an adult in the present. Note: it does take a lot of therapy beforehand to feel safe and sufficiently ready to do this.

For me, it has made me realise the complex connections a young brain makes to cope with trauma. "Mending" those connections can be a lengthy process, but it is helping me to develop healthier strategies as an adult to care for myself by responding in a less self destructive way to life's ups and downs.