Thankyou for the information, our daughter has been in a relationship for 7 years before he called it off 7 months into her third pregnancy by him. For almost 2 years he had little to do with her or the kids, now has met another female with 3 kids from 2 relationships who thinks she knows everything. Gas Lighting, a new term to my wife and I describes their situation perfectly over the 7 steps.
My daughter's second child is 5 and still not completely diagnosed but shows signs of ADHT. She has sought advice from doctors, psychologists, pediatricians and alternative health professionals and one common diagnosis was diet and eradicating dairy and gluten from his diet. My daughter is a qualified nutritionist and now doing a nursing qualification. He believes that my daughter knows nothing and his new partner (hard to keep track of them) thinks she knows better and feeds him gluten foods for which he reacts to the point where the school is asking for his removal because of his disruptive nature.
This Gas Lighting has given us a new prospective into how to handle the constant abuse, denigration, undermining, belittling and host of others. He has been served with a restraining order so now tells the kids to tell Mummy he will see her in Court. Using the kids as messengers is the latest low act.
We will buy the right book and all read them to work effectively to stop the Gas Lighting and gives us back our beautiful daughter, more for the children's sake. Thankyou, thankyou, we now have the understanding as to his method, we also will have the solutions from the books and with implementation, she will get her life back.

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