Excellent and concise information on gaslighting techniques, as well as real examples of it (unfortunately that many readers will likely recognize, verbatim).

I might add to "1. Lie and Exaggerate. The gaslighter creates a negative narrative about the gaslightee," that gaslighters also seem fond of lying about those people who the victim trusts (i.e., friends and family, or any sources providing strength or stability to the victim) to distort not just the victim's perspective of him/herself, but also the *outside* perspective of his/her world, further disempowering and isolating the victim. For example, a gaslighter said that a victim's friend had infractions with the law (which was shocking, but given a believable backdrop) - later, the gaslighter admitted that he completely fabricated the story, yet had no clear explanation why he created the lie. (The likely reason that was concluded? He feared the woman would confide his behavior to the friend, who would have helped her find ways out of the situation and was also a trusted member of the community.)

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