"Congratulations, this is a voice for haters of women."

By hater of women you mean people who disagree with you.

"I am happy that Hillary has said aloud that YES, women should be able to live alone and make it in life, without the "help" or "support" of any man."

Yes, they should and they are perfectly capable of doing this, just because you personally failed at this because the only thing you studied was "gender studies" does not mean all women fall short. Also, I am glad KKKlinton lost, and man those identity politics she played on heavily sure made her smash glass of some sort. Not the "glass ceiling" that she wanted, but the glass floor.

"Women SHOULD be there among world leaders and scientists, because they have the intellect and drive to do it."

No, they SHOULD earn those positions. Having a vagina does not and should not automatically entitle one to a position. In fact believing so is actually very misogynistic as it assumes women are too weak or incapable of accomplishing things on their own.

"They should not be left out because of their gender. I do not know what kind of privileges women have."

They have the privilege of being considered rape victims, in most countries around the planet rape is specifically defined as something a man does to a woman. Now I know, because of the fact the high school QB would not stick his d*ck in your herpes infested unwashed vagina, that you don't give a flying f*ck that this leaves out male rape victims period, but at the very least you should realize this excludes lesbian rape as well. Yes, this societal misandry spills over and affects women as well. The same is true for domestic abuse, and fun fact by the way, women are the vast majority of domestic abusers and child abusers. I know you are wondering how women can be the majority of abusers and the majority of victims, well there is kind of the fact that lesbian relationships are the most violent types of relationships. So the reason women are the majority of victims is because of other women.
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"They still have lots of obstacles, both socially and biologically, that men do not."

Biologically yes but that is something you will just have to deal with. I know you will never have to make that choice because no man will ever want to sleep with you, but that is not relevant because your only major is gender studies and that is worthless. The only social obstacles are feminists telling women that they world is out to get them and the Illumant-- I mean Patriarchy is going to keep them down.

"Pray to tell me: the majority of rape victims are - women? Victims of domestic abuse: women?"

These stats are questionable at best, and I think you know this, but why the f*ck does it matter who is the majority of victims, shouldn't all victims matter regardless of race, sex, sexuality, age, etc etc? I mean I can use your logic here and say because men commit the majority of suicides that women who commit suicide should be ignored, but that would magically be sexist right? Also we already went over the fact that the majority of domestic abusers are women, and men do not lag far behind in the victim category making up about 45% of victims.

"Can women walk home in the dark alone, feeling safe?"

Yes actually, in fact women are the least likely demographic to be the victim of stranger-perpetrated violence. (aka getting mugged on the street, carjacked, etc)
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"Can they have multiple sexual partners without being judged?"

Nope, and they have not earned that right. Women are in the position where they don't have to do anything to get sex, so it is not an accomplishment for them. When women have to start shelling out $50+ just for a chance to get laid, call me and your point will be valid. This of course excludes lesbian women which are put in the same position as a man wanting sex. Also I love how you leave out the fact that the overwhelmingly vast majority of "slut shaming" comes from OTHER WOMEN.

"Who has to wear the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy - women?"

Both parties actually. Yes women have to carry that child but they also get government assistance and free money from daddy. You want to know how to prevent unwanted pregnancies? Use one of the many many many many birth control options available to women. There are so many in fact there is no excuse for a woman to get knocked up without wanting it, excluding cases of rape obviously.

"You are quick to point out that there are more women in higher education. You conveniently forget the FACT that in high school, boys are "having a good time" and relax, while girls stay up at night and study 8 hours a day (after their classes) to get the highest grades and please their parents and teachers AND to make it to college."

Citations needed. You so confidently state this as a fact so I look forward to your peer reviewed study or government statistic. Looking at the horrible bullsh*t brown tint of my computer screen I can tell you will fail to provide these citations.

"Meanwhile, boys cannot wait to get rid of the "woes" of education. They are happy to rush away once they finished high school."

Again, citations needed.

"It has to do something with the higher number of girls in college."

No, the reason there are more women in college is due to female privilege.

"As for marriage - a HUGE mistake not to warn women in advance what awaits for them!"

Oh you mean living with someone for 1 year then being able to divorce their husband and take half of their sh*t, their child, house, car etc? Oh yeah that is so horrible, oh the humanity the horror!

"Women have been trained for centuries to get a "good catch" and a "good provider", and now men complain about "gold-diggers"."


"There are plenty of burdens on girls and women,"

List of purely subjective anecdotes incoming!

"to look good (I mean, 11/10 good),"

Oh yeah yeah no pressure on men at alllll. In fact since men are the ones that have to "go for" the mate it is a fact that this weighs more heavily on men than women.
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b i t , l y / 2 m l M J o K
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"to be kind, modest, caring, popular."

Oh yeah yeah men can totally be asshole, selfish, and unpopular while getting by in life. Well, in the alternate reality delusion you live in maybe, but here in reality that is not the case. Societal standards harm EVERYONE, but of course a bitter b*itch who will never see a d*ck in her lifetime will only focus on how they harm women.

"I seriously want to know what men want from a relationship: a woman who likes them for themselves, or one who wants their power, social status, and money.

Anti-feminist women are nice to have around, my wife is one. Other than that a woman who loves me for me, not for my money or belongings, is nice too.

"As for children after divorce: kids do need their mother much more than their father."

Yeah, because single mothers are doing so well. 70% of gang members, high school dropouts, teen suicides, teen pregnancies
and teen substance abusers come from single mother homes. In fact this is why there is an issue with crimes in black communities as most black families are basically single mother. This plays into another subject on how libtards/DumboKKKrats never really stopped exploiting black people, but I digress.
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"There are exceptions, certainly, but it is rare."

Yeah, it just happens that the dominant and most advanced species on the planet is an exception.

"See the animal kingdom. It is the female specimen who takes care of the offspring and not the male. A child is closer to their mama, it comes naturally. A good thing that courts and laws know this."

See the animal kingdom, who is it that protects the mother when she is pregnant and while the offspring grow up? MALES. In humans this is irrelevant as we mostly live in cozy little homes but the male's role has evolved from protecting the offspring to teaching it and setting it on the right path. Also, you just massively contradicted yourself, you mentioned earlier in your post about "biological norms" that prevent most women from succeeding and I know you meant motherhood, but down here you're b*tching that some people want the father to be able to take care of the child? So which one is it, do you support gender roles or don't you?

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