Congratulations, this is a voice for haters of women. I am happy that Hillary has said aloud that YES, women should be able to live alone and make it in life, without the "help" or "support" of any man. Women SHOULD be there among world leaders and scientists, because they have the intellect and drive to do it. They should not be left out because of their gender.
I do not know what kind of privileges women have. They still have lots of obstacles, both socially and biologically, that men do not.
Pray to tell me: the majority of rape victims are - women? Victims of domestic abuse: women? Can women walk home in the dark alone, feeling safe? Can they have multiple sexual partners without being judged? Who has to wear the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy - women?
You are quick to point out that there are more women in higher education. You conveniently forget the FACT that in high school, boys are "having a good time" and relax, while girls stay up at night and study 8 hours a day (after their classes) to get the highest grades and please their parents and teachers AND to make it to college. Meanwhile, boys cannot wait to get rid of the "woes" of education. They are happy to rush away once they finished high school. It has to do something with the higher number of girls in college.
As for marriage - a HUGE mistake not to warn women in advance what awaits for them! Women have been trained for centuries to get a "good catch" and a "good provider", and now men complain about "gold-diggers". There are plenty of burdens on girls and women, to look good (I mean, 11/10 good), to be kind, modest, caring, popular.
I seriously want to know what men want from a relationship: a woman who likes them for themselves, or one who wants their power, social status, and money.
As for children after divorce: kids do need their mother much more than their father. There are exceptions, certainly, but it is rare. See the animal kingdom. It is the female specimen who takes care of the offspring and not the male. A child is closer to their mama, it comes naturally. A good thing that courts and laws know this.

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