Good job standing up for boys and men, who overall are actually having their basic human rights discriminated against FAR more than women. It's just not seen by the general public due to outdated data, deeply conditioned gender stereotypes and outright ignorance.
I saw firsthand as a woman who grew to executive level in Silicon Valley back in the 90's that women had strong representation back then in the tech-world and do now. Sure more men are in the engineering side, but so what? That is NOT a reason to dish out the free STEM programs to high school girls like we do today while excluding boys. Nor is it fair to dish out free financial management programs to girls only like we do in our nation. This is the year 2019, time to empower humanity, not merely feeble females. I am the mother of a 15-year old boy and tired of the bitchy non-relevant complaints from women that are based merely on a perception of trends today, not reality. The reality is, more girls are going off to college than boys, more focus is put on giving girls a "leg-up" in society as if they are so handicapped by their gender itself. It's akin to helping the strong chicken cross the street while letting a wounded one be left behind. Because the fact is, our patriarchy has NOTHING to do with men and actually brutalizes boys and ways girls are not. why, for instance, if we believe in true "equality" should our sons be expected to register for some primitive, antiquated military draft and not girls, just to be able to vote, get financial aid for college or other freedoms handed out to girls? Are they more human? Women do NOT deserve entitlement to be protected from having their limbs or faces blown off as soldiers in war one ounce more than men, point blank. It took me years to realize this basic principle after learning from the high-tech world I grew to senior level in that war is for profit. Why should boys be pawns for the dance of power and profit more than girls?

Yet, we still have the political distractions of pink pussyhats bitching about some sex scandals that may or may not have happened decades ago that don't wound the world today as much as our wars, that don't understand that Planned Parenthood is a service BOTH genders need, and how boys are forced to wear a mask of "toughness"---the word itself embedded in masculinity.

Today, we need the needs of young males to be front and center in our national dialogue at LEAST as much as young women. We cannot build one gender up while breaking down the other. Stop target-marketing boys with violent toys, with "brave" war-hero bullshit, and see how violence stops. I could not imagine being inside the head of any women so angry they simply cannot fathom what I say.

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