Very well said, Zeeze. It's refreshing to see other people get it. I am disgusted with the programs at my son's high school that "empower girls" with FREE STEM programs and FREE financial management tools, as if girls are so physically, mentally and emotionally handicapped by their gender they deserve a "leg up" in society more than boys. It's utterly ridiculous and not even remotely based on rational truth in trends. It's like we've gone back to the Rosie the Riveter days with the ugly "war effort" to build our war economy sending women to work while the men were suppressed into violence.

The fact of the matter is, boys are being discriminated against FAR more than girls. People are unable to see it due to the deep conditioning of gender stereotypes. I too did not vote for HRC for this reason and because she is a warmongering immoral human being. Yes, Trump is bad----but I could not vote the perceived lesser of two evils again.

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