This commentary does nothing to address the issue other than to help identify the symptoms. I know my wife has an addiction to her children but in reality, she has a good point: without her, her two kids would be living on the streets. While it is probably true, they will most likely outlive her and end up on the streets in their early 50's. Better to use the "Tough Love" approach now and help them learn how not to fall. Unfortunately, the drug problem in the U.S. is rampant and real. Being a strung out heroin addict living on the street is harder to turn around than trying to do everything she can to keep them from getting totally addicted to drugs. Therefore, Keeping them broke and dependant on her in their late 30's is way easier than trying to clean them up after the fall. So, any ideas now about ending her addiction to her children? It is destroying her life and mine (and our relationship/marriage). She doesn't want to go out of town on vacation for fear that they may get drugs drinks or jail time. We are almost retired and I always looked forward to that, Now, knowing we'll never be able to go anywhere, it really sounds like a crappy retirement and old age. What do you suggest? I wish I could have her 2 kids committed like the parents above did to their kid. The one that is complaining that life is unfair. LOL! Life would be a lot better for us, not so good for them but they deserve it in my opinion.