It's nonsense to ascribe personality traits (whether they're considered disordered or not) to people on the basis on their date of birth. And the boundaries of each cohort are arbitrarily defined and can be adjusted to the writer's preference. When I first came across the term "baby boomer," it referred to someone born within a few years of World War II. Then the term was redefined so that someone born in 1963 would be included. To read popular stories about the alleged psychology of baby boomers, you would be led to believe that our 1963 baby has more in common with a stranger born in 1946 than with her own younger sister, born in 1966.

And--to take just one example--baby boomers are often assumed to be former "hippies," but the original hippies were too old to be baby boomers, and most baby boomers are too young to have been involved with the "counter-culture." Very few people born between 1946 and 1963 ever qualified as "hairy barbarians"--a term used by one imbecilic editorial. Bigotry based on age, even if it's supposed to backed up by psychology, is still bigotry. (Similarly, we often see today's students vilified for being "precious snowflakes" by the ignorant.)

There's already a system for judging people based on their birth dates. It's called astrology.

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