Traditional healers..the only 'healer' that can work with you besides a trained psychologist is God Himself..I'm deeply faithful but I've always been skeptical about the so called 'healers'. Unless they have been proved to be exceptional priests with the ability to genuinely help others and a charisma, I don't see how much 'healing' they can do.

In my experience though and because my OCD used to be extremely self destructive up until a few years ago (to the point of being suicidal), it was my faith in God that changed its course and took away the suicidal part from my mind. I still have OCD today of course but the suicidal thoughts have gone out of the window..if they hadn;t,..I don't know where I'd be right now. There is great power in spirituality and faith and only those who experience it can get the 'fee' of it. I'm still challenged by OCD thoughts today but I'm hopeful and faithful that this is just another challenge for me to go through and become stronger.

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