Yes, part of the legal immigration process is to make sure that the new potential citizen is not carrying a serious, highly infectious disease.

It's just common sense to screen for communicable diseases.

Just on the radio this morning, I heard that a county in my state just released a report that sexually transmitted disease cases have increased by over 400% in that county over the last year! This particular county has a high percent of illegal immigrants.

So I agree that yes, illegal immigration needs to be stopped and legal immigration procedures need to be given more funding so that all the information needed can be gathered more quickly and people can be vetted and processed more effectively and efficiently.

ALL other countries have immigration laws and procedures for these and other good reasons; it just makes sense. Good common sense.

And with air travel so affordable and so common these days, it makes sense to quarantine or temporarily ban all travel to and from areas of the world that have sudden outbreaks of dangerously virulent infectious diseases. (Except for specially-trained emergency care and humanitarian aid workers.)

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