Yes,heaven forbid you use logic, and statistics on something that was created to kill! And “god bless the 2and amendment”it seems people’s rights to own a weapon is way more important,than the hundreds of children that will die every year from Gun violence! But Yes you’re right about one thing, it is un American to actually care about people’s lives! As long as you have your guns, and your second amendment rights,screw everyone else! U do realize how sick u sound, mr. I don’t want to believe? That second amendment was written 400 years ago, when all they had were bayonets, and could only shoot one bullet at a time! And created by people who had a crappy record on human rights! And by the way, the Supreme Court ruled that the second amendment wasn’t “unlimited”on what kind of guns people have the right to own! So, it doesn’t actually protect your right to own any semi automatic,or automatic rifles. That includes the ar 15s that have been used in almost all the school mass shootings! I’m not against gun ownership, but bringing more guns into schools is not the answer! And there is nothing wrong with more extensive background checks on people buying rifles, especially ones that can be modified into automatic weapons! Especially,if they are under 21! I don’t feel that we need to really raise the age from 18 21, I mean if you’re willing to ask and allow someone under 21 to join the military, they should be allowed to purchase guns! But, they do need to extend background checks on teenagers to include mental health issues, and all ages extend to any domestic abuse charges! Which means putting a little more money, and time to background checks! Trust me, your god the NRA can afford it! U have both the left, and the right establishment,pushing their own narrative, and agenda,so there is a lot of bullshit propaganda! But, this has turned into something bigger than common sense gun laws! It’s now turning into be about the violence, and inequality that these teenagers are dealing with, and really people in general! I just don’t see how people can think that their right to own a gun, it’s more important than human life! So if to be American means being dehumanized,not caring about human lives, and accepting that violence,perpetuates more violence than I guess I’m un American!

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