In regards to this thread, libertarianism and when Patrick says:

"I support the concept of public institutions and don’t begrudge my tax dollars that offer millions of people childcare while they work. But I can't quietly support a system that is inherently undemocratic and serves to sustain an elite under the guise of democracy, which is why I support alternatives to schooling."

I support my local free school voluntarily. Schooling, both modern government schooling (and yes that is a fair term for it) and free schooling and everything in between exists because there is a market for them. The market exists because bettering ourselves through education is in our culture. When Patrick says 'public institutions' I wonder if he wouldn't be even more supportive of voluntary community projects. I don't support tax dollars going to any public 'good' or 'service' be it schools or war for the same reason I don't support the compulsory education and curriculum... the taxes and curriculum are both compulsory! Surely voluntary is better than coercive? Seems to me if there were to be a hallmark of civil society it would be that all human interaction is non-coercive, that is to say voluntary, which must mean that we eliminate taxation as a means of funding anything. We can hopefully agree that if the compulsory schooling and curriculum changed and children were able to lead there own educations that taxation funding education would be low on my list of programs to end. Governments are unlikely to stop stealing from me anytime soon; I'd like to see an end to this system which amounts to child abuse and focus on the bigger fish to fry such as ending war and compulsory soldiering (draft/registration) As it is, and as has been mentioned earlier in this thread, the public institutions are certainly for profit. Education should be and will always be a for profit endeavor so trying to hide that fact only gets in the way of open arguments.

Finally, there is no motivation for me in saying 'government schools' other than accuracy of terminology. I could just as easily switch to the term compulsory schooling, forced schooling, theft-funded schooling... they are just terms to spin the same idea.

For a collection of essays covering how the ideas of voluntary exchange lead libertarians to share these ideas espoused by here, I recommend the book Everything Voluntary: From Politics to Parenting. Education is one chapter and through the book you will get a clear picture of how the ideas Dr. Gray and others speak of here can be applied to other areas, indeed all areas, of society and your personal life.

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