married 19 years. basically my wife has control of the beroom. she schedules saturday mornings for us. not too much fun to be scheduled on the calendar. for her one time a week is enough and then the week she is having her period is a skipped week. so 3 times a month maybe. i touch her and kiss on her and she likes it and orgasms about each scheduled time. for me by this time she has had her release and it is then up to me to try to do my thing but she is not into touching me or kissing on me . makes me feel all one sided. to me 1 time a week is not enough. every about 3 days would be great. but you know what they say... the spouse with the least sex drive controls the bedroom. and i ask is it right to force a wife to have sex? I am sure all of you say NO! well then, i ask, is it right to force a husband to NOT have sex? I would say most of you out there say YES. what I am getting at is if it is not right to FORCE a wife TO have sex then it is not right to FORCE a husband to go WITHOUT sex. and after awhile it builds anger and resentment. I hate this arrangement.

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