Very interesting article, and rings very true in my experience. I was raised by a highly passive aggressive mother and my siblings and I all inherited the trait (some more so than others). So I've experienced it from both ends. I didn't know that till I was an adult, though Like the article said there was this the inexplicable feeling of having my personality oppressed growing up even though my parents rarely punished and never yelled and were always civil. Yet I had friend's who's parents screamed and yelled and lashed out with insults who seemed cocky and fearless, the opposite of me. I never understood why, till recently.

I liked your advice on dealing with P/A people (with it being a family trait, I've actually used most of those techniques on family members and friends).

As I've become more aware of the concept I've worked on trying to recognize and curb my own P/A tendencies with some (but not perfect) success... any advice to those of us trying to overcome?