You are ill-informed about the position of Christians regarding sexuality if this is the assertion that you make: "Except for procreative lovemaking within marriage, social/religious conservatives and self-styled protectors of decency generally feel threatened by sex..." We are not threatened by sex, seeing as we believe God Himself created it. We do believe that marriage is its proper context, but within marriage it shouldn't be merely for procreation but also for pleasure and intimacy.

While I agree that the dire statistics produced by some porn-opponents may not be entirely accurate, it's also wrong to say that "CovenantEyes provides no sources for its assertions..." when its Porn Stats document includes nearly 7 pages of references. They make their arguments based on research.

If you want to take a different viewpoint, that's fine. I don't expect those who don't believe in my religion to agree with my standards. However, you should at least attempt to represent the other side and the facts accurately.

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