I was so focussed on the future. Maybe because my family was really bad and if I had focussed on the present I would have been too unhappy.

All I did was for the future. I numb myself emotionally (not with substances) to the point of not being able to think of anything but using school as a launching pad for the future. I gave ti all I had because until I left home, I wasn't allowed out of the house after dark anyway... I live in the north so dark is 4pm in winter.

Basically, I was only allowed to go to school on week days and go to work on weekends. I never asked for permission to get a job. As soon as I was old enough by law, I friend got me in a fast food chain and that was my way out of the house.

Plus, I saved all the $ for University. I never spent it. I wanted a good future. There is way more at stake when you're 15 and you know you'll have to pay your own way into adulthood.

In my 30s, I have little incentive to save. When I'm too old to work, even part time, I'll be too old to travel and enjoy life. So now, I travel and enjoy life. If I don't all the sacrifice of the past will have been lost.