" It is in crisis because of an increasing recognition of threats to its scientific validity and credibility."

I am in a scandalous mood today and I will say that psychology should not limit itself by trying to fit within a (current) small and narrow minded framework of "science" in a civil or uncivil way.

Psychology deals with the "I"; the personal consciousness. The personal consciousness is too far above the stupid narrow limits of (current) "sciences" such as behaviorism, determinism or other "methods of measurement" du-jour that may be concocted by those with an un-natural (and unhealthy) devotion to statistical manipulations.

The consciousness (metaphysical "I") has nothing to do with mathematics and the measurement of physically observable phenomena because it inhabits a completely non-physical area (just read Carl Jung "Man and his symbols"). It might _relate_ to the commonly agreed upon (definition of) "physical reality" (which is actually not so real according to physics), but it has its real home in the completely non-physical (and no-one is exactly sure "where" that is: neural plasticity, "radio receiver model" etc).

Time and time again all these little (so called) "scientists" attempt to apply a theory du-jour to cherry picked "observations". True science must be completely empirical evidence based with _every_ theory subject to revision and abandonment if empirical evidence warrants it. If there is enough evidence for PSI, then it MUST be called "fact" regardless of orthodoxy of scientism: "Irreducible Mind" (2007). Currently Material Sciences ("science") deals with observations of physical matter (still in a mostly Newtonian way: ignoring quantum physics phenomena). This is fine as far as it goes, but to try to shoehorn something that has nothing but an oblique relationship with physical matter (the "I") into such a limited framework will always result in tears and [religious] righteous incivility. If only one minute facet of an area/phenomena is studied, then the performance of the whole will always never produce reproducible results according to the measurements of that small area. If the theory ain't working, then it must be thrown out! Continual dissection and reductionism of an Irreducible system will always produce spurious non-reproducible results. Where are the visionaries such as Carl Jung, William James F.W. Myers et al today? Those were people of a broad overview. This whole (current) moronic reductionism/deconstructionism has just led most of its practitioners up their own (un-reproducible) rear ends (and apparently some are fleeing because they don't like the smell).

It always amuses me why true Psychology wants to severely limit its scope by pretending to be part of the physical sciences. We all know that psychiatry does this because it wants the imprimatur and fake veneer of "science" so it can act as a handmaiden of big pharma to push their snake oil quackery on an unsuspecting public. However true (noble) Psychology should be acting as an agent of extremely widening the scope of "science", instead of allowing itself to be narrowed by it.

I suppose that this magnificent "Fiske" would also hate me because I am against the current [religious style] orthodoxy of scientism, and I can "say it like I see it" as I have no career or livelihood to protect. It is just that I have read a lot (_really_ a lot!) and I am scandalised by the narrow minded self serving deliberate ignoring of evidence that I see from the (current) "science of Psychology" (and especially psychiatry: lobotomy anyone?). I think that real change will only come from the vocal and enthusiastic criticism from outsiders who are not blinkered by years of thinkism indoctrination inculcated by those institutions called "schools" and who do not have to pay homage to any organisations for their livelihood. So bring it on! From the social media and other channels of popular discourse is where the TRUE discussion (and enlightenment) will take place (a true democracy of science: the "citizen scientist"). The current establishment is clearly rotten just as orthodox fundamentalist religion is clearly and demonstrably rotten. Psychology (not psychiatry) has a chance to unify science, religion and metaphysics in one larger "theory of everything" if it can just get some courage and throw off the restricting yoke of the current (apparent and implicit) definition of "science". Strangely enough, the frontiers of theoretical physics are getting closer than Psychology to this new theory.

I am glad you have discussed this topic in this blog post because it is one of supreme importance. I have just revealed some possible areas of investigation, and since the current system ain't working, my observations have just as much weight as any others: regardless of how unhappy the orthodoxy of high priest "Fiske" may be at the "unauthorised" discussion.