The author quotes :"the opposition to equality is rarely rational". That's a loaded statement that would take pages to unpack.

This assumes that support of equality is automatically rational (not a small generalization). It also assumes that there are rational people (usually me and my tribe). Now I never met a rational person in my life (I am not) and not aware of any wisdom tradition that believes humans are rational (of course we all think we are).

The article doesn't discuss the issue that equality can be understood differently by different people so that we may not oppose equality per se but oppose an interpretation of reality by a person or a group using equality as a weapon to promote an agenda.

My notion is that many of us have come to view equality as the highest good and made equality into an untouchable dogma (if we think otherwise we are irrational as the author quotes).

Also our current promotion of equality tends to promote the wellbeing of the few over the many under cover of the highest good.

In the same way our knee jerk and often immature approach to promoting equality often results in creating other inequalities to which we turn a blind eye while basking in our own perceived goodness.

Of course the whole thing hinges of what we think equality is but apparently others have already defined this for everyone.

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