Just look into some episodes of transparent.
I know that a lot of women will be safe with a born male wanting to change to a female or feeling like a female themselves.
I can recall a store in Michigan, men dressing rooms are accessible for women, I have to hold the door while I was trying some pants, because a girl was just playing with the doors of male dressing rooms, however when my wife was yelling me because she wanted to show me some of the clothes, I was told by the assistance that women had already complained about my proximity in the dressing room. Carson stores.
It is the double standard of feminism.
It is always the same pathological idea that women are the victims in any case in order to take advantage, it is not for equal rights, every single statistic has to be better for them. Atleast 51% when it is conveniently in their favor. When statistics like 97% of work related deads are men due to risk are always sunken into oblivion.
Hide facts before anything, create victimization before facts, prescribe ADHD medications like if they were psychiatrists. Etc.

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