I agree to an extent, but I also agree with what he has to say. doesn't make him hateful, that's his opinion and most of it is true. dating sites are filled with either fat women who think they hold some sort of mystical power, single mommas looking for a supporter for HER child, or attention whores. With my experience it's mostly the latter. Now with what you say is bullshit. You say most men, so I assume you've done some research and evaluated thousands of men to come up with those statistics. The majority of women I believe are delusional, it's more like an illusion due to the fact these are not fixed beliefs. Look up the definition of delusional and you'll see the difference my friend. Thing is, is that the majority of women, their looks tend to fade right around 25-26 years old, while us men....our looks improve as we age(up to a certain point of course). Seems you have a bit of hatred toward men yourself, so you have no room to call that person a misogynist, when you are in fact misandrist. I mean, just going off your comment that is. Thing is, is that women demand equality, when they want to sit back, kick their feet up, and expect the man to do everything. Literally. I'm still curious to what the womans role is in the relationship if all this is true, according to society anyway. Seems you're a little brainwashed by the media, or you're concerned a little too much about status quo, or your social status per se.

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