Anonymous wrote:

I go on a lot of online dates and a number of them ask for sex on the first date. I don't make any suggestion about sex either on my profile or on the date. I don't have the option of fling or hookup. I also don't turn up in revealing clothing I follow the rule of show either a little cleavage or legs.

When I tell the guys I am not interested in just sex they either disappear or get nasty. I've actually deleted my online profile because I am just so fed up with it all.

You go out on a lot of dates, and people want to have sex with you? Wow, what a TERRIBLE problem, smh. Let me show what the mirror of your post would look like if you were the average male:

Anonymous wrote:

I've had my profile up for a year, I've messaged probably 2,000 women, and only 1 or 2 have ever replied. I never go on dates because women blow me off, even average and below average women. I haven't had sex in years. When a woman finally does speak, even if SHE contacts me first, she doesn't say much and eventually just stops responding and disappears.

Anonymous, you don't have a problem, you have an abundance. Stop complaining. Further, I'm certain that not ALL of them want to have sex on the first date, I just bet you're put off by the guys you don't want to have sex with, and you're really upset because the guys you DO want only bang you and disappear. This tells me your looks level is probably lower than the guys who bang you which means you need to stop dating out of your league and learn to date on your level. As long as you keep dating out of your league you will keep getting banged and dumped. Women don't understand this because you all think you're 10's and you think this because men give you attention and sex, but in reality you're probably a 5 like most women and you don't realize it.

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