Fact is that whether IRL or online, men are expected to 'take the initiative' in dating, so every reasonably attractive woman always gets hit on by guys... a LOT! Which then kinda begs the question why a gal would resort to online dating to begin with, unless she's either somehow 'unattractive' (in looks, personality, whatever), or else because she's very 'picky', and really not that interested in any relationship to begin with.
Then then there's also the 'entertainment' value of a venue where studies show that women receive way more 'attention' and emails than men do. Or as one online gal once admitted, that she loves coming home and first checking just to see how many guys emailed her that day!
So on balance, online dating from a male POV seems more like similar types of ads on Craigslist where someone's advertising their car for sale... yet it's unclear whether they really wanna sell it, because instead of listing a price, they just say 'make me an offer'!

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