Where did this whole “owe” thing come from? It’s not about owing a man a hot body it’s about self love and respect for your temple.

I bet every overweight and dumpy woman out there has a clean, immaculate car - why doesn’t their body matter as much as their damn transportation? And preservation and defense of the health of your body has nothing to do with “owing” anything to anyone else other than yourself -you owe it to yourself. And your body deserves it.

I am 50 years old and have kept my body and fitness levels up since I was in my 20s; in fact I am in the best shape of my life right now. I do it for me.

For the guys, you can blame your top tier in looks men for what happened to average women - they gave notice to them to get their rocks off in college women and these women grew accustomed to that level of hot, thinking they were all that (they were not - a pursued guy often doesn’t care where he blows his nose). Then college ends and so does the stream of hot guys. After a couple years of settling in to a career, then women want to find a marriage partner but now they are tainted - they want a guy that looks like the ones that screwed them in college. Ain’t gonna happen. Why did those college boys have to slum when they could easily have had the 8-10 rated women, just perhaps not as frequently.

Also, you want the driven career oriented woman (exemplifying the best of male traits like aggression, ambition, competitiveness, etc.) who “presents well” and is a stroke for the ego, plus it helps in a big way to take the financial load off you, but realize to her she comes first. Period. If you marry her and have children then the children will come first, then her and then you.

Neither the children nor she herself cares how she looks (because neither have to get sexually turned on by her) so she is really going to let herself go now.

Quite a fine mess we’ve all gotten ourselves into.

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