alll of you commentators and this author are just weak, thin skinned women that think your relationship should cater to every microscopic definition and perfectionism, and you are falsely, broadly using narcissism as a crutch and sweep critique of men to mask your own inadequacies and misunderstandings of people. You likely think anyone with opinions and loud and unique extroverted personalities are narcissists. Anyone that disagrees with you is a narcissist. Anyone that has confidence, pride, and defeats you. You likely all annoy the people in your lives and are quiet so you get easily offended, and go online to read pop psychology to create validations and bubbles of belief to impose on all your relationships. You all think you don't have a problem, are perfect little angel victims, and likely tell people what to do and who they are and why they do what they do. You baby people and condescend them and need control over the relationship. Anyone with a backbone and disinterest in you are automatically the ones with a problem.

This author needs attention and self importance so she writes a blog misleading people broadly using wikipedia style pop psych to give women excuses and validation of their petty relationship woes and own weakness and faults deflected back to en or extroverted, strongly opinionated people. You create head games of both reader and accused of this garbage, and destroy relationships by making unrealistic diagnosis and unrealistic expectations of perfectionism of some Utopian "balance" where you want everyone to over think, over analyse, and over self indulge. . Right. Now, who are the narcissists?

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